FENERIUM is the licensor and the main licensee for the Fenerbahce Sports Club which was founded in 1907 in Istanbul, Türkiye. Fenerium’s full cycle service     covers research, product development and design, sourcing, inspection and delivery of fans apparel and accessories.
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FENERIUM started its journey in 2000 as an affiliation of   Fenerbahçe Sports Club, Istanbul, Türkiye, with the main aim of providing athletic apparel and fans merchandise. Fenerium is now   the   number one fans’ merchandise store chain in Türkiye in terms of annual turnover and number of stores.
 Facts and figures;
  • 1.600.000  Pcs sold annually
  • 72 stores
  • 10.000 sqm total sales area
  • 350 employees
  • E-store
  • Mobile stores
FENERIUM contributes to the development of young FENERBAHÇE athletes by supplying more than 180 Young Academy School’s technical gears. Around 50.000 pieces of clothing items are delivered to those academies every year. Products include camp and training gears, match shorts and jerseys, socks and outerwear, sweatshirts etc. 
FENERIUM also delivers FENERBAHÇE SK’s amateur branches similar items. Sailing, Rowing, Swimming, Boxing, Athletics and Table Tennis branches are supplied with more than 15.000 pieces in approx. 30 SKU’s.
FENERIUM for Professional Branches:  We frequently act as a jersey sponsor and supplier for our Football, Basketball and Volleyball teams both in men’s and women’s. All the pro items worn by our athletes are also commercially available in our retail stores.


MISSION: Our aim is to bring together, athletes and fans of all ages of all sports with sustainable   licensed products within the framework of the values and principles of Fenerbahçe Sports Club and to keep the feeling of Fenerbahçe-ness alive and embrace at the highest level. 
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OUR VISION: To be a pioneer and leader in fan’s merchandise retailing by reaching every Fenerbahçe fan  with innovative approaches and superior service quality. 
 CREDIBILITY: Trust Us!  Our main principle to be an honest and reliable organization. We keep our promises to our stakeholders.
            FAN FOCUSED:  We hear you! We are in continuous emotional and physical interaction with our fans In order to reflect the spirit of fandom in our products and activities. 
INNOVATION: We adapt to change!  We closely follow all innovations and developments in our market. We reflect innovations in our products, activities and the way we do business. We recognize the necessity and benefits of continuous improvement and learning.
AFFILIATION: We are a team! In order to better serve our colors, to which we are connected with passion, we work together in a team spirit. We feel the responsibility of being a member of a large   family, and with responsibility comes success.
  We embrace our responsibilities both at individual and corporate level, we respect universal and social values.


Each year, more than 600 SKU’s are tested for the following properties;
  • Pilling
  • Light fastness
  • Colour fastness to perspiration
  • Colour fastness to friction
  • Burst strength
  • Dimensional stability after domestic washing
  • Bowing
  • Washing fastness
  • Water fastness
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  • Azo dye
  • NPEO and NPE tests
Approximately, annually 7000 individual tests are carried out for the products supplied by FENERIUM.

With the purpose of building a better future, we chose and embraced the EFQM strategic management system.  The guidelines and methods set forth by EFQM are being practiced.


In accordance with EFQM studies and with our strategic plan , FENERIUM has committed herself to replace all virgin polyester  yarns with recycled polyester yarns where applicable by the end of 2025.
The first project completed in 2022  is the Fenerbahçe  BEKO basketball teams jersey. 
Recycled yarns made out of   PET bottles were used  in producing the fabric which the jersey was made of.


Erkek Kolej Rugby Tshirt


Information Security

Our Information Security Management System Policy
Information is critical to Fenerium's operations and functions. For this reason, we take the necessary security measures with the principle of protecting the integrity and confidentiality of all information so that we can make sound decisions and offer high quality in our services.
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The Information Security Management System has been designed and documented as a policy to predict, manage and reduce the risks that Fenerium may encounter for all its commercial activities and information assets. This policy is part of the Information Security Policy framework.
With our Information Security Eco System that we have designed and documented,  we aim to achieve the following ;
* End-to-end coverage of all parties, processes and technologies that transmit, store or process the information we hold;
* Manage risks at an acceptable level by identifying, evaluating, reducing and controlling risks according to the guidelines in the Risk Management Procedure;
* Taking care not to affect business continuity while ensuring security in all business processes;
* Ensuring that access is measured for business purposes and that it is checked for compliance with the employee's responsibilities;
* Managing change with security risk assessments in all applicable changes for the entire technical environment or any third-party connectivity environment;
* To adopt an information security culture and increase awareness.
Our Information Security Principles integrated with our values;

* Reliability; uses appropriate security measures to protect the integrity of information and maintain its security.
* Fan focused; Sports, athletes and fans of all ages will not be allowed to be in a position to have a negative impact on Fenerium's activities or services.
* Our innovative approach; We adapt to change with the dynamics of today's conditions by assessing business objectives and innovation while implementing security measures.
* Belonging; Employees and service providers are provided with trainings to increase information security awareness in all business processes. It ensures that information security is seen as a part of all end-to-end processes and organization.
* Sensitivity; Any employee working for Fenerium is responsible for ensuring the security of information, including the devices, applications and systems we use.

Fenerium accepts and undertakes to actively comply with all legal, regulatory and contractual obligations regarding information security and to make every attempt to achieve this.